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Retreat in Italy, June 16-22, 2024 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the divine source of sweetness? You are invited to a week of deep nourishment, yogic science, and full sensory indulgence as we harness the potency of the honey-rose full moon and the summer solstice. Through transformative daily practices including yoga, breathwork and kirtan, each day will offer opportunities for connection and expansion. Join Amalia, Ina, and Laara in a beautiful Italian Villa, once an ancient glass factory, overlooking the lush hills of Umbria. We will share delicious communal meals, savouring the vibrant flavours and abundant seasonal ingredients of the region. Woven through the week is a well curated itinerary of our favourite local experiences that will immerse you in the unique beauty and culture of the area. There will also be ample time for individual exploration and poolside relaxation. This retreat is an invitation to nourish your body, mind, and soul in the embrace of this sacred land. 


The structure

Amalia, Ina and Laara will be taking care of the details of the week so you can relax and just be. With morning and evening practices, select day trips to our favourite secret spots, and nourishing connection through food, each day has its own qualities that build on the energetics of the week as we move towards the sweet potency of midsummer. While we have carefully crafted the week's structure, we have included plenty of unscheduled time for individual experience.


The Villa

Our home for the week will be L’Antica Vetreria, once an ancient glass factory,  founded in 1292 by artisans from Venice.  Renovated with love 20 years ago, the villa boasts original stone walls, a pool overlooking glorious green rolling hills, plush beds and plenty of room. The communal kitchen, dining room and living room have all the amenities, including oversized pillows and throw blankets for lounging, extensive kitchenware and long tables for new friends.  The experience of the villa itself will be unforgettable.  


Dolce far niente

"Dolce far niente" is the Italian concept of the essence of doing nothing and enjoying it. No stress, no pressure, just absorbing the sweetness of now. The verdant Umbrian landscape invite us into this energy. Lounge by our travertine tiled pool and watch the light change over the green hills as the scent of rosemary and lavender surrounds you. By clearing away the expectation of "doing", we give permission for savouring life's essential sweetness. This is a place that nourishes all senses.


Connection through food

Umbria is a fertile region where there are always fresh, delicious, local ingredients available.With over 20 years of experience in the area as well as individual training in nutrition, we will provide meals that nourish and heal. Breakfasts of local fruits, honey, cheese, breads and eggs will start each day, while lunch and dinners will be at hand-picked local eateries or prepared fresh in the Villa. You will also have the opportunity to shop at the local farmers market. The property and surrounding hills offer fresh herbs, wild greens and edible flowers.


Yoga, breath and creativity

There will be daily morning and evening practice of yoga, breathwork or kirtan led by Amalia and Ina, who invite each participant to soften into and respect their own unique relationship to their inner landscape. Modifications are encouraged and individual expressions are welcome. Laara will share creative techniques to tap into playful and intuitive expression. She will also share herbal wisdom aligned with the week.


Village life

Our small, medieval village of Piegaro was once a healing haven for wounded soldiers of the Punic wars, and has been a retreat for deep regeneration ever since. Located on the border of Tuscany, Piegaro is an ideal base for exploring the region. On the famous Orvieto wine trail, Piegaro is close to numerous idyllic villages, each boasting their own artisanal crafts and gastronomy as well as many nearby vineyards. You can walk in the woods and hills near the Villa, or have an aperitif or coffee at the village bar.


Woven through our week will be three day-trips. All are within an hour of the property and we will have a private driver at our service. We have chosen these experiences as they connect with the energies of the days they take place. 

Practicalities and Prices


Arrival and departure

Guests are responsible for transport to the property. Piegaro is located 2 hours North of Rome, 1.5 hours south of Florence and 30 minutes from Perugia. The nearest train station is Chiusi-Chianciano where you can take a taxi 20 minutes to the property. You can also rent a car or we can help arrange for a private airport pickup for an extra fee. You are welcome to arrive after 1pm on the 16th and depart by 11am on the 22nd. 



Shared twin room:

2000 Euros

Private King room:

2300 Euros

500 Euro deposit upon registration

Payment plans available


What's included

6 nights accommodation, morning and evening yoga/breathwork sessions, daily creativity guidance, breakfast buffet plus lunch and dinner at restaurants or the Villa depending on the day's itinerary. Local group excursions including transportation with a private driver.


What's not included: Transport to the property, alcohol

For questions or to reserve your spot, email Laara at:

About Us

You are invited

Images by Marte Garmann, Ina Winter Andersen and Laara Matsen

Via Cavour, 24a, 06066 Piegaro PG, Italy

  US: +1-917-755-7478

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For questions or to reserve your spot, email Laara at:

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